Fitness tends to be quite timeline focused. Hey, it’s part of SMART goal setting and an important one. But when we get too focused on a timeline we can get caught up in the rush of achievement and (I think) miss the point.

Running always captures me this way. At races there are always a tonne of runners who “didn’t train” for the event. And there is always this weird sense of “pride” they seem to have about not having trained. I mean, good for them if they can just “pop it off” but here’s the thing…I think they missed the point! What is most magical about running isn’t crossing the line – it’s about the lessons that your commitment to getting TO the line that have the most impact on who you are in this world.

It’s the early morning alarms that teach you dedication. It’s the runs in the not-so-ideal weather that show you your commitment. It’s the perseverance through injury that shows your grit. And your self-respect & compassion when you take a much needed rest day.

Sure the “glory” is in crossing the line. But there is so much more to be learned from the process – the day in and day out slog that the training sometimes entails – that is the true beauty and I think purpose of running.

Whatever your goals may be, I encourage you to enjoy the process. Embrace it. What lessons is the process teaching you? What have you gained as you work towards your goals? Be curious.

Goals are great, I think they are a foundation element to being successful. But as you work towards your goals, don’t lose sight of the beauty of the path that takes you to your goals – the purpose in the process.