What if we just embraced now? Not our future selves. Not the person you’re “living into” or the goal you’re working towards. But just now. Wait a second…feeling confused?! I mean doesn’t Gill always talk about goals & how awesome they are?! Yup. I do. Let me explain.

I love goals. Like REALLY love goals (clearly). I think they have their place (an important one at that). But I also think it’s important to have some space from your goals. Perspective. Respect. Healthy detachment.

Wait a sec….I know, detachment? Yup. Detachment. Here’s why.

It’s so easy to get lost in goals – get so uber focused on them that you lose sight of the beauty of the current moment.  Case in point. When we’re working towards a healthier, fitter self (my wheelhouse) I often see people (myself included) getting caught up in the “when ____, then _____.”

Goals create a focus, they can go a long way to helping you feel inspired & motivated. They can provide clarity of action. But as we become focused on the “bigger picture” it’s easy to lose sight of the minutiae of momentum. The beauty of the moment
Finding a healthy detachment from your goals means you’re connected to it, driven by it even, but you’re not pinned down by it. You have flexibility as you travel towards it. There is a respect you have for the goal – AND for your pathway towards it.

Stop waiting for some day. Because someday is today. You never know what might happen along your path to create a detour en route to your goals. So why not enjoy the path?