Often times clients come to me at their wits end. They’re trying…but nothing really seems to STICK. They can do most things short term but find that ‘magical motivation’ a somewhat elusive creature when it comes to creating lasting change.

When I tell them it’s not them, the sigh of relief is both audible and palpable. When I tell them that they’ve been tackling this whole “health and fitness thing” with the wrong tools for them – it’s like a weight has been lifted and the freedom they feel is both empowering and a wee bit scary…because what should they do?!

You see, the “trick” isn’t any specific tool or program – it’s about accessing the right tools and programs for you. And often this isn’t a “turnkey” solution.

You know, purchase xyz program, follow it to the letter, be a raving success.

It’s often more along the lines of taking elements and ideas from a variety of places and formulating your own unique plan.

But Gillian, HOW do I know what elements and ideas will work?

By finding your unique health and fitness personality.

What is that? Great question!It’s knowing what makes you tick. What are the optimal environments and activities that inspire you?

  • Love music? Great – how can you harness that?
  • Prefer solo endeavours? Awesome – what activities do you enjoy?
  • Crave social interaction? Finding fitness buddies might be the ticket to your success.
  • Thrive in team sports? Sweet – find a league or casual drop in league!
  • Is the gym your jam? Find one that suits your schedule and style!

Understanding WHAT keeps you engaged and inspired is pivotal to your success. Explore the people (or lack thereof), places (indoors, outdoors, combo), and things (music, quiet, styles) that work for YOU!

Not sure what that is? Be curious!

Try this 3-step process to explore:

  1. Look back in your experiences. When you had activities and approaches that you were inspired by in the past what did that look like? Do those things resonate now? What about them did you LOVE? Circle back to the above list and be curious.
  2. Look objectively at your life – what will WORK right now? Maybe you LOVED ultimate frisbee as a 20-something but you can’t make the league in your town work. Could you find a few friends for a pick up game? Could you find another team based sport you’re inspired by? Be curious.
  3. Try it on. Set up a trial period where you give yourself permission to just see if it’s a fit. Give it a good period of time and then set a date to re-evaluate. Approach it as a super-fun science experiment. Then determine if it’s a good fit overall for your interests and priorities. Be curious. Yeah? Keep at it! Not so much? Ah well, at least you tried.
  4. Repeat steps 1-4 until you find your unique blend of activities and approaches that work for you and your life. But keep in mind that you’re constantly evolving – and your fitness personality will to. Be curious and open to what shows up!

Notice a theme? Yeah…BE CURIOUS. There is no right or wrong – just what works for YOU. And the way you find that is by experimenting. Trying new things, trying old things, trying old things new ways – until you find your groove. You’ve got this, Super You. Just keep trying. Because sometimes the doing is in the trying.

Need some help? I love helping. Just ask.