I was recently listening to The Ultimate Health Podcast and they were interviewing one of my faves – Geneen Roth.
In the interview she was talking about how important it is to not allow ourselves to get stuck focusing on things we can’t do anything about. It’s so ‘human” to go there, but instead of getting caught in that trap, instead she uses this awesome question:

“What’s NOT wrong?”

She uses it as a way to stay present to all the good things going on. L O V E.
It’s much like one of the practices I use with clients called counting your wins. Counting your wins is a simple awareness tool to bring your focus back to what really matters – what you DID do, and how you DID take action – so you can build from that!
I use counting your wins because it enables us to get out of our negativity bias (our very human predisposition to look for what IS wrong) and shift our lens. It’s so easy to focus on what you’re NOT doing – especially in this day and age with the constant highlight reels and culture of comparison. 
I love that “What’s NOT wrong” is a slightly different way of looking at it. Instead of looking for “wins” looking for simply what’s NOT wrong.
We can get a little “stuck” thinking that “wins” need to be these big giant steps forward, but they aren’t. Sometimes the BEST (and most impactful) wins are the small ones. Seemingly insignificant shifts that push you towards the positive.
I also love how this simple question prompts us to look at all the wonderful blessings of our lives. The roof over our heads, food to eat and freedom of speech. Things not everyone is fortunate enough to have. #helloperspective
Roth explained that she uses it when she finds herself getting caught in the spiral of complaining. She talked about how complaining doesn’t serve us. It just get’s our brain caught in a loop of negativity that does nothing to move us forward. #truthbomb
To bring this idea to practice, simply notice when/ how often you get stuck focusing on what you’re NOT doing. Or when you get caught up in complaining….
When you notice –> stop, breathe and ask yourself:
What’s NOT wrong?
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