What is your vision for 2020? Do you “vision board?”

I don’t do anything overly complicated, but I do have a process I go through annually.

Here’s what my process looks like:

I sit down and reflect on the past year in these 5 areas (what I call the 5 pillars):

  • Work/ Business
  • Family (and close friends)
  • Health
  • Personal/ Professional Development
  • Community (church, volunteer, extended friendships)

I look back at my vision from the previous year and explore my feelings around how things went. (if you don’t have a previous years vision, just call on the memory bank and do a kind, compassionate check in).

Ask yourself: 
  • What went well?
  • What adds to my life?
  • What distracts or steals my joy?

Then start a FRESH new sheet of paper and write down your vision for each of these 5 pillars. (FYI I use a simple 8.5 x 11 and mark out an area for each of the 5 pillars and then add my notes of intention and vision – nothing fancy!)

Important note: for me, creating a vision is an opportunity to be dreamy and creative, but also grounded in my core values and realistic within my current life! Visionary with a side of #reallife

That’s it!

Nothing complicated. No cutting of pictures, glue or fancy pens required. You don’t have to be crafty (unless that brings you JOY and you want to get your craft on!).

Bottom line: find the way that inspires YOU and take some time to yourself and go for it!
  • Be an anthropologist in your own life as you explore your previous year.
  • Be adventurous and bold as you get curious about what you see for yourself in the year ahead!
  • Lead with what brings you JOY and fulfillment.
  • Let your vision take FLIGHT!

Bring it ON 2020!

Have some questions? Want to chat through some ideas or need some support bringing your vision to life? Let’s chat!