Have you started to think about 2018 and what progress you’d like to see in you life? Maybe this is the year you’d like to really tackle that big fitness goal? Or maybe it’s the year you’re going to finally ditch the diet and find a way to eat that really works for your body and your life. Whatever awesome things you’ve got planned I always recommend starting with an audit. I know that word might sound a little dramatic…so call it an evaluation. But whatever you do, explore. Be curious.

Take even 30-minutes and just take a little look at 5 key areas of your life:

  • Work/ Business
  • Family/ Relationship
  • Health/ Wellness
  • Community (Church, volunteer, friends),
  • Personal/ Professional development

In each of those areas consider the following questions:

  1. Am I happy and fulfilled? I know this sounds pretty basic, but at the heart of life – this is the core of what matters. Are you happy? Are you fulfilled. If you have those things I find the rest just settles out.
    • If I am, how might I accentuate this happiness and fulfillment? How do I maintain this momentum? Sometimes it’s really powerful to simply look at an area of your life and say, hey, that’s pretty darn awesome. I wouldn’t change a thing! Cool. Status quo is a GREAT goal!
    • If not, what needs to change? And how might I approach that change? What is driving my lack of happiness? Why am I not fulfilled. These are pretty deep questions for a Personal Trainer Gillian. Yup. They are. And you might not know the answers right away. But that’s why I said be curious. Explore. Sometimes just acknowledging that things aren’t quite how you’d like them…is what is needed to inspire change!
  2. What information, tools and support do I need in my corner? This is huge you guys! Where are the gaps between what you know/ understand and what you need to know/ understand/ implement? Where do you need info? What tools do you need? Do you need support? If so, who is going to provide you with that? Hint: it might not be anything more complicated than asking a friend to be your fitness goals buddy or getting your spouse on board! Simple is often times better.
  3. What process focused SMART goals can I make to support shifts in these areas of my life? SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, rewarding and time-driven. For a whole article just on how to do THAT piece…check this out. As you write them take your focus away from the OUTCOME and put it on the process. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in where you want to go…but where you’re going isn’t the point (even though every cell in your body might think it is). The PROCESS is the point. The GETTING there is the point. Everything you learn and everything you ARE in the process is what is transformative about having goals. #truthbomb
  4. What one OTHER thing would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail? That thing you’ve always wanted to do but let your thoughts and feelings and analysis paralysis get in the way….yeah…what if you DID IT. Forget failure. Yup, you might. But you definitely won’t succeed if you don’t try. The trying is the doing. And the doing is what leads to learning. And learning will always eventually lead to success (even if it’s not the success you set out to seek).
  5. Take a cue from Mel Robbins and 5-4-3-2-1- TAKE ACTION. Don’t wait for January, or some random Monday. Start now. Your life is waiting.

Need more support? You know I’d love to help! I’ve got a brand NEW Program called the SuperCrew Tribe launching in January 2018 designed to help you bring this process to life. I hope you’ll join us! And if you’re more of a private sort of goal setter and smasher, I can help you there too. Just send me a message and we can set up a time to get this party started! Bring it ON 2018!